Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome home sign

Prepping for the first car ride.

Going home late and Uncle Alan Visits

We get to go home after 10:30 tonight and Uncle Alan stopped by to say hello.

Waiting to go home

Amy was just cleared by the doctor. Carmen is with her pediatrician.
If Carmen is cleared we'll get to go home today.

Friday, May 29, 2009

What's in a name?

And her name is........

Carmen Adams Trickey

Mac holding BT


Though a bit tired, we are all doing well! I need coffee and a shower
but feel free to give us a call. We are in room 6202.

First Picture

She's Here!!!!

At 3:21 Baby Trickey was born. 7lb 11 ounces 19 inches

Push time

It's finally time!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

T Minus...

Room prep for BT's arrival.


Amy is 9 cm now!

No News is Good News

Not much to report other than the Magic making a strong comeback at the end of the 2nd qtr.

...Magic Game

Amy is almost 6 cm dilated. And now were going to watch the Magic/Cavalier game.

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After the epidural BT's blood pressure dropped as did Amy's. After more drugs and monitors both are fine. One of the drugs slowed down the contractions so they will likely give her potosin to start them back up.


So Amy is feeling a ton better now that she has the epidural...

Between Contractions

We are getting settled in and timing the contractions.

Hurry Up and Wait

We are finally in the delivery room after a long wait.

Hospital Lobby

Waiting to get our room. No news.

On the way to the hospital!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Pack N Play

The Pack n Play (portable crib) is set up in our room. BT will likely be staying in the room with us for the first couple of weeks.


Baby items are starting to pop up around the house. This swing is in the living room. Thanks J. Marlin!

View from the door

The mostly complete nursery.


This corner is where we imagine we'll be sitting a lot. We already had the chair so Amy recovered it. A friend donated the low infant chair (Thanks Becky!). It vibrates and plays music. The pictures above the changing table are from a calendar Amy always liked.

Ikea Bookshelf

We picked up this bookshelf at Ikea. I use another one in the dining room for albums. It holds a ton of stuff including BT's library from her Grandmother (Phillip's mom). The clock and lamp on top were items we already had.


The crib in position.

Changing Table

This is the matching changing table. It is a little taller then most of the ones we looked at it which is something I cared about. ~360 diapers in the first month is a lot of bending.


We scored the crib and changing table from The were 1/2 off and shipping was free! The are from the Netto kids collection.

Three coats of paint later...

and we finished.

Birch Tree Mural

To break up the bright pink we decided to paint a simple mural of birch trees in white. We took an image from a website and Amy made a transparency of it. She then borrowed an overhead projector from school which we used to create an outline of the trees on the wall.

The other pink...

Wow. That is bright! Thanks to Jamie for helping me paint the nursery.

Test Paint

Orange and a pale pink test areas....


We purchased this bumper on clearance from Pottery Barn Kids and used the colors from it as the basis for the nursery. The paint colors for the walls we chose are 'cantaloupe slice' = orange, 'poetic princess' = pale pink, and 'spring time bloom' = deep/dark pink.


Emptied guest room.


The emptied (mostly) guest room.